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The Vestry is composed of eight elected lay people, five appointed officers, and the clergy. The vestry oversees and provides direction and support to the various ministries of the parish. They are also responsible for the parish finances and buildings. Their responsibilities are defined by the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal and parish?s by-laws. All parishioners are welcome to attend scheduled Vestry meetings.

At monthly Vestry meetings, a variety of nuts-and-bolts issues of parish operations are addressed. If you would like to address the Vestry concerning a specific issue or ministry, please contact the Parish Office by the Wednesday BEFORE the next Vestry meeting.

Three new Vestry members are elected each year for a rotating 3-year term at the Annual Parish meeting which is held each year within 30 days after the feast of the Epiphany in January.


Rector - The Rev. David G. Showers
Associate Rector - The Rev. Robert Stephenson

Vestry Officers:

Senior Warden - Joan Shisler
Junior Warden - Jim Shepherd
Treasurer - Tim Wakeman
Assistant Treasurer - Anne Gross
Registrar - Anne Gross

Vestry Members:

Sharleen Wagner (Term expires in 2011)
Cheri Campbell (Term expires in 2012)
Hugh Davies (Term expires in 2012)
Anna Hall (Term expires in 2013)
Bobby Swann (Term e
xpires in 2013)
Andy Connolly (Term expires in 2013)
Jason Van Camp (Term expires in 2014)
Karen Wilson (Term expires in 2014)


Diocesan Representatives:
Diocesan Representative - Anne Gross
Diocesan Representative - Karen Wilson

We are extremely proud of our history
at Middleham and St. Peter's Parish.

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